Conditions Treated by your Chiropractor in Calhoun

If you have been in an auto accident we can help you get back to feeling like you again at McCracken Chiropractic. We are your Calhoun Chiropractor for auto accident injury treatment.

This means that we can help you recover from the changes and injury in your body after your auto accident in a way that facilitates actual healing, not just masking your pain.

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We specialize in car accident injury treatment because an auto accident of any degree is traumatizing to the human body due to the jolt and sudden action.

Even if you do not have a broken bone or lacerations, you may still find yourself sore and different after the accident. We can help with chiropractic massage, chiropractic alignment, and physical therapy if needed for your minor auto accident.

We are fully equipped and experienced in treating auto accident injuries for more serious accidents as well and pain from other causes as well.

Conditions we treat include:


Whiplash can cause an array of other symptoms and a significant amount of pain after an auto accident. We provide chiropractic treatment to heal the problem as well as physical therapy to continue your path to wellness.


From tension to cluster, to migraines, headaches plague many people for no apparent reason. Auto accidents can also cause sudden headaches due to misalignment and other issues. We can help with your headaches with quality chiropractic care.

Back pain

Upper and lower back pain is a common complaint of many after an accident. We will start with chiropractic alignment and massage then recommend your next line of action to get back to feeling well at the core.

Neck pain

Neck pain, like back pain, is extremely common after a sudden jolting stop that jerks the whole body. We will find the cause and work from there for true healing.


This nerve causes many people pain, but the good news is that treatment and pain reduction at the hands of a skilled chiropractor is possible.

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Call us at McCracken Chiropractic if you have been suffering from pain and less mobility after a personal injury. Even if you have just been feeling less like yourself after an accident we can help you get back to you.

Many people do not realize the effect that even a minor car wreck can have on the human system. A sudden jolt in a moving vehicle is hard on the spine, and we can help.

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